Weaver, George Leon-Paul


(1912–95), black union leader; member, United Transport Service Employees of America; national director, Committee to Abolish Discrimination (later the Civil Rights Committee), CIO (1942–55); assistant to secretary-treasurer, CIO (1942–55); cooperated with FEPC in settling oil company cases; conferred with FEPC on discriminatory contract by Steel Workers Union (1944); represented James B. Carey at board meetings of Natl. Council for a Permanent FEPC;  in conference on nondiscrimination by USES offices (1946); executive secretary, Civil Rights Committee, AFL-CIO (1955–58); assistant to the director and director, political education program, IUERMW (1958–61); assistant secretary of labor for international affairs (1961–69); special assistant to director general, ILO (1969–at least 1975);. A member of the NAACP National Labor Committee, he supported antidiscrimination amendments to the Taft-Hartley Act and conferred with the president’s Fair Employment Board (1948). Born in Pittsburgh.

1912 May 18
1995 July 14