Land, Adm. Emory Scott


(1879–1971), Adm., chief of the Bureau of Construction and Repair (1932–37), assistant chief, Bureau of Aeronautics, Department of Navy (1937–38); commander, U.S. Maritime Commission (1937–38); chairman, U.S. Maritime Commission (1938–46); active in planning government response in Bethlehem Steel and Shipbuilding Corporation–Sparrows Point case (1943); FEPC complaints against maritime unions referred to him (1944); as chairman of WSA, refused (1945), despite NAACP protests, to reinstate Frank Pollatsek, dismissed for promoting social equality through nonsegregation of crews.  Staffer Daniel Ring represented the Maritime Commission and Admiral Land when he (Ring) went before a congressional committee to testify in favor of S. 2048, which would have strengthened the FEPC.

1879 January 9
1971 November 27