Houston, Charles Hamilton


(1895–1950), black D.C. lawyer and columnist; partner with father and William Hastie, then Joseph Waddy; resident vice dean (1929–32) and dean (1932–35), Howard University School of Law; created NAACP legal department; special counsel, NAACP (1935–40); member (1940–50) and chair (1948–50), NAACP Legal Committee; member, NAACP National Board, NAACP Natl. Labor Committee; general counsel, Association of Railway Employees; resigned as FEPC special counsel for railroad cases after hearings were postponed (1943); reappointed, served when FEPC hearings rescheduled for Sept. 15–18, 1943; member, FEPC (Mar. 1944–Dec. 1945); resigned after Truman blocked FEPC action against Capital Transit Co. BA, Amherst; LLB, Harvard. In 1948, he testified before the U.S. Senate on anti-lynching legislation.

1895 September 3
1950 April 22