Rosenberg, Anna Marie Lederer


(later Hoffman, 1902–83), Born in Budapest, Hungary; public relations executive; assistant New York regional director (1934–36) and New York regional director (1936–39), NRA; regional representative, SSA (1937–43); director, New York State SSB (1940); director, Region II, WMC (1942–45); assistant secretary of defense (1950–53). One of Mitchell’s favorites, she supported permanent FEPC legislation. Mitchell praised her as especially effective and supportive  As assistant secretary of defense, she was involved with the development of universal military service legislation, desegregation of the armed forces, and increasing the role of women in the military. In 1962, she married Paul G. Hoffman and was subsequently known as Anna Rosenberg Hoffman. She was a prominent New York liberal Democrat, active in civil rights, UN, municipal issues.

1902 July 19
1983 May 9