Griffith, Thomas Lee, Jr.


(1902–86), lawyer and judge; president, Los Angeles NAACP branch (1935–50); later judge, municipal court of Los Angeles (1953–69); and California superior court judge for Los Angeles County (1969–75). He was involved with court decisions and the passage of legislation barring the use of restrictive covenants on deeds of sale of real estate. He was also successful in forcing the Pasadena Department of Parks to change their policies so that blacks and Mexicans were allowed in the municipal pools every day and not just on Wednesdays. In 1943, Walter White contacted him and nine other branch secretaries representing the most effective branches to start protesting War Manpower Commissioner Paul V. McNutt’s decision to cancel the FEPC hearings on racial discrimination in the railroad industry.

1902 March 5
1986 March 1